What’s your name, age and where are you coming from?


My name is Luisa Orduño Cázares, I am 27 from Tijuana, México, but I live and work in Berlin.

Why did you decide to take part in this project?


I am a Visual Artist that works with different disciplines, mainly illustration and photography. I decided to take part in this project, because I am constantly producing artwork and I enjoy drawing and photographing nature.

When I saw the opportunity, I thought it would be delightful to reconnect with land’s nature and remember my childhood memories that are strongly connected to the piece I created.    

Where does your passion for drawing flowers come from?

I feel a strong affinity to botanical drawings and photographies. I tend to feel the urge of observing and documenting it. There are also important people in my life that taught me to connect with nature and learn from it. It may be that I also focus on nature because as we all know, the winter in Berlin is long and dark, the appearance of flowers is a good sign that days will be brighter.


What does flowers mean to you?

All flowers are full of interesting symbols that have developed through different cultures. I have always like the myths and meanings that are connected to them. In México, a lot of flowers are named after a symbolic happenings in the pre-Hispanic cultures.

Which moment you remember, when flowers gave you a happy moment?

I’ve always enjoyed Day of the Dead when I was little. My grandmother used to do her altar (ofrenda) and fill it up with Cempazuchitl (Marigold), it is believed that  these flowers guide spirits back to our world for a short visit . The scent is so unique, strong and distinctive that whenever I smell it again, brings me back to memories related to my family and childhood.  



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