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You bought a Tencel dress and you had some delicious ice-cream and then the ice-cream becomes close friends with your new amazing dress?

Well, I know these moments to well and experimented a lot. After I ruined one or another Tencel dress along the way to find out the best cleaning process, I thought I want to keep you away from getting sad and frustrated like me and share my experience.

Without beloved Tencel, flowmance wouldn't be as flowy and fluttery as it is. No other sustainable fibre is as silky and soft as Tencel and therefore just perfect for my needs and claims. Since other fibers have already a long history and many care and cleaning options, Tencel is to new, that there are no care products yet to find. And of course you walk around, you eat and drink out and then it happens (again) you spot your silky, shiny dress with ice cream or a tasty sauce. Happens to me almost every time I eat out ;)

I realized by washing my Tencel dresses, regular at 30 degrees its damaging the colour and the fibre. It faints and whitish edges and stains appear.

So this is what I found out throughout the time.

1. Pre-treatment

Pre-treat immediately your stains. Use a very diluted castile soap to treat deodorant stains or a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. For nasty oil stains, Dawn soap is helpful, but please don't scrub the stains as it destroys the fibers and will not look nice afterwards.

2. Washing

Cold water washing machine and delicate cycle is the best you can do. Even better use a mesh laundry bag. We can suggest the washing liquid Organic washing liquid by Hessnatur.

Your Tencel garment will have a long life the gentler you treat it.


Dry your Tencel garment, hanging on a clothes line or lying on a towel, but never in the dryer. This will kill your garment. The colour will slowly fade. Also don't twist or wring your dress, the fibers will break.

Thats it from my side, if you have other experiences or tips to add, I'm very happy to know.



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